About Mr. Hip Presents: Reading Series

Mr. Hip Presents is one of Boston's most engaging and interactive monthly reading series in the area. This is the only reading series in the area that incorporates poetry, spoken word, and live jazz music hosted at handpicked local galleries, specializing in visual and mixed media art. The convergence of all these different types of expression makes for a lively night and the creator and host, Donald Vincent, also known as Mr. Hip, encourages the use of social media throughout the event to bring the excitement of the activities to a wider scope as well as promote conversation between the performers and the audience.

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Mr. Hip Presents, (#MHP) mission is to create a dialogue among established poets, emerging poets, local spoken word artists, art, and blues/jazz music in order to demonstrate the importance of the written word across all mediums in the diverse and talented city of Boston.

This reading series was developed in order to bridge Boston’s art community to the many different voices this city has and also to provide a commonplace for artists to share their talents and work. Providing a welcoming space for young voices, Mr. Hip Presents also encourages youth participants by waiving the entrance fee for  attendants 16 years old or younger.

If you are a poet, performer, or musical artists in the Boston area and would like to read or perform your talents in front of a diverse and hip audience, please contact our Program Coordinator Joanna Flaminio at Joanna@MrHipPresents.com. If you have any inquiries, testimonials, or just want to say hello, please feel free to drop us a line at Info@MrHipPresents.com.

To contact our Digital Content/Social Media contact, please email Charlotte Seley at Charlotte@MrHipPresents.com or just shoot us a tweet. Don't worry, all the cool kids are doing it!

Special thanks to Emily Hanson for her work with our flyers for each event.


"I was really impressed by your including many different poetry styles, from the quieter 'page-oriented' work of Wendy Mnookin and Ron Spalletta to the energetic and passionate performance poetry by Harris, Krysten Hill and yourself! Also, as a long-time jazz lover, I was really digging the house band, and thought they brought a nice energy, providing a cohesive tone/flow to the program." - Andrew P.

"As a poetry novice, it has been wonderful to discover all the different poets that have performed/read at Mr Hip Presents. In addition to the poetry, there’s great live jazz played throughout the event and artwork to admire. All in all the reading series makes for a fun-filled evening that I am very pleased to have in my neighborhood." - Marissa H.


Donald Vincent

Mr. Hip - Creator & Host

I think: Poetry that is celebrated is hip!

 Program Coordinator

Joanna Flaminio

Mr. Hip Presents Program Coordinator

 I think: Originality and individualism is hip! 

Charlotte Seley

Charlotte Seley

Social Media & Digital Content Manager

I think: Unicorns and fairy dust is hip!

Lindsay Miller

Lindsay Miller

Social Media Specialist

I think: Traveling and meeting new people is hip!