Welcome to Mr. Hip Presents: Greatest Poetry Show on the Planet!
Kyle Aaron (Left) & DeShawn Alexander (Right) plays the jams for the evening.
Matt Rosenthal opens up the night of poetry
Matt's poems makes the crowd laugh.
Patrick Gaughan comforts the audience with his poetry.
Amherst area poet, Patrick, makes his way to Boston to share poems.
John Sieracki's poems delight and touch the heart of all.
John smiling & reading poems. No better way to spend a Saturday night.
Karen Skolfied reads from her award-winning book, 'Frost in the Low Areas.'
Karen inspires the audience with her poetry. Thanks for reading!
Sparrow's poetry touches the funny bones and heals the soul.
Poet, Sparrow, visits us from New York to share his poems.
Mark Wagner puts the poetry in PhD with his sounds with Kyle & DeShawn.
Mark sings us a lovely solo tune with his guitar. Anything can happen.
Donald Vincent reading poems as Donald Vincent.
Jessica Fjeld closes the night of poetry for the evening.
Enjoyed hearing Jessica's poetry. Really heart-touching.
Lucky audience member who won a book. Thanks for coming and supporting poets and poetry.
8 poets. Music. Must needed stretch/dance time.
ZenBeats improv with spoken word and bass to close out the evening of fun.
ZenBeats traveled from New York to bring you their unique sounds.
The liveliest audience member of the night. Thanks for coming. May Poetry stay with you.
One Big Photo - Full of Dope Poets!
Exit music? No problem. DeShawn & Kyle has you covered.
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