Mr. Hip opens the night
The Good Vibes Trio
Hannah T. (High School Poet)
April Nicotera kicks it off for the readers
April Nicotera delights with her poems
Tara Betts in all her glory
Tara Betts leaves us wanting more.
Allison, Mr. Hip, and Moe
Emily Pettit dedicates a dance poem
Emily Pettit reads from Goat in the Snow
Come See How We Make Poetry Hip
Regie Gibson performs a poem for his wife
Regie Gibson leaves the audience with smiles and laughter
Oscar Suchanek on the drums
Balam Garcia on the guitar
Au Gold Gallery
Anniversary Beverages
DeShawn Alexander on the Keys and Keytar
Mr. Hip shared some poems to celebrate.
Brandon Amico shares some twitter inspired poems
Brandon Amico makes us feel at home
Jordan Pailthorpe closes the evening of poets
Jordan Pailthorpe verses us in game poetry
Mr. Hip Presents: Anniversary Reading
Say: Hip
SaTarra Troutman with the GOOD Vibes Trio
SaTarra Troutman helps us bring a great night to an end.
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