Ticket Number 7: THE ROAD TO FREEDOM by Jabari Asim

 Ticket Number 20: LOVE ME OR LOVE ME NO1  by Guy Pettit

Ticket Number 6: RUSSIAN NOVELS by Luke Bloomfield

Ticket Number 45: THESE ARE THE GLORIA STORIES by Kelin Loe

Ticket Number 11: BEAUTY WAS THE CASE THAT THEY GAVE ME by Mark Leidner


Ticket Number 62: JEWELRY by MacTaggart Jewelry

icket Number 66: JEWELRY MacTaggart Jewelry

Ticket Number 24: FIFTY CENTS AND A DREAM by Jabari Asim

Ticket Number 15: LOVE & FURY by Richard Hoffman

Ticket Number 13: GOAT IN THE SNOW by Emily Pettit

Ticket Number 20: LOVE & HATE by Donald Vincent

Ticket Number 44: FRAMED PAINTING by Black Picasso

Ticket Number 30: FRAMED PRINT by Scott Francoeur

Ticket Number 60: HOLLYWOOD DREAMING by James Franco

Ticket Number 63: YOU GOOD THING by Dara Wier


Signed Books:

Dara Wier, limited edition YOU GOOD THING (hardback)

James Franco, Hollywood Dreaming

Jabari Asim, The Road to Freedom, Fifty Cents and a Dream: Young Booker T. Washington

Kelin Loe, These Are the Gloria Stories

Luke Bloomfield, Russian Novels

Richard Hoffman, Love & Fury: A Memoir

Emily Pettit, Goat in the Snow


Paige Taggart (MACTAGGART JEWELRY), One elaborate beaded piece with mixed elements & Dramatic & Modern large geometric shaped piece of abalone on sleek silver chains.

Kristilyn (Zombie Romance), handmade neck pendant and other small jewelry piece.



Mark LeidnerBeauty Was the Case That They Gave Me (donated by Factory Hollow Press)

Guy Pettit, Love Me or Love No1


Scott Francoeurframed signed print

BP Black Picassoframed and unreleased painting. 

Donald VincentLove / Hate (canvas and oil painting)



Mr. Hip Presents: Reading Series is on a mission to make poetry hip and trendy in popular culture for the holidays. We need your help. We believe that by investing in our future by providing youth in the Boston communities with books during the holiday, our tomorrows will be much brighter. 

We are seeking your assistance to get the message out that #HipKidsRead on social media December 16th and 17th by tweeting, instagramming, and facebooking your favorite books to not only raise awareness about the importance of youth reading, but to also help us to promote our upcoming benefit raffle on December 20th at ROOM83 Spring, alternative art gallery, in Watertown, Mass. 

In coordination with ReadBoston, Mayor Walsh’s early literacy program, 826 Boston, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting youth ages 6-18, and Grub Street’s Young Adult Writer’s Program, Mr. Hip Presents is hosting a fundraiser at our reading on December 20th in order to provide the youth involved with these educational literacy programs  books for the upcoming holidays. 

Raffle tickets are on sale for $5 and will be available at 12:00PM on December 12th up until 6:00PM on December 20th. Our winners will be released on our website and twitter account throughout the reading on the 20th. Raffle tickets can be purchased on the webpage: http://mrhippresents-raffle-event.eventbrite.com 

Aside from experiencing the greatest feeling of donating just $5 of your hard earned money to create a culture of literate-hip youths, the prizes are also worthwhile. You’ll have to visit our website for a listing of all our raffle prizes; however, we have signed books from James Franco (actor, director, and poet), Dara Wier (poet and professor), Jabari Asim (professor and executive editor of the NAACP’s Crisis Magazine), and handmade jewelry from MACTAGGART JEWELRY (by poet Paige Taggart), and a few pieces of artwork from local artists. 

To celebrate the evening, we will host a reading with poets January Gill O’Neil, Simeon Berry, Adam Fitzgerald (virtual), Cecily Iddings, and more with special musical guest and classical pianist, Kyle Aaron. 

The best part of this fundraiser for the youth is that all can participate. Anybody can purchase a raffle ticket. You do not need to live in the Boston area to win a prize. If you aren’t financially able to donate, don’t forget to post your favorite book to social media using: #HipKidsRead beginning on Dec. 16th and finishing on December 17th. Let’s make it a trending topic shall we. 

Send us your tweets, Facebook messages, or email us and we will make sure you’re able to give back to the young literary community throughout Boston. 

For all of our information regarding the fundraiser, please visit: http://mrhippresents.com/benefit-raffle

Thanks and looking forward to your help for this valuable cause.


Donald Vincent

Creator | Mr. Hip Presents




Poets and Performers for the Raffle Event


January Gill O’Neil

Adam Fitzgerald (Virtually)

Simeon Berry

Cecily Iddings

Michael Morency

Donald Vincent

Music Performer:

Kyle Aaron (Classical Pianist)

Mr. Hip Presents: Poetry Series 

Date & Time: December 20, 2014 – 6:00 PM

Event Location: ROOM83 SPRING, 83 Spring Street, Watertown, MA

Admission: $10 or New / Barely Used Book Donation

RSVP (Facebook)