Le Poisson Rouge
Emily Skillings opens the night of poetry.
Emily dazzles with not just her opening poem, but all of her poems.
Sparrow brings some laughter to the crowd
Sparrow is the man
Happy to host Nicole Callihan's poetry
Nicole Callihan is all smiles as she shares her poems.
Randall Horton awes the audience
Randall Horton ending his set with a canzone
Paige Taggart reads from Want for Lion
Paige the Jewelry-Maker-Poet shines as she reads poems
Mr. Hip drops a poem with help from the Jordan Carter Trio
Erica left the her heart on the stage with her poetry
Erica speaks words of solace and comfort
April Ranger performs her Cee-Lo poem with the Jordan Carter Trio
April Ranger ends the night for poetry at LPR
DeShawn swags on the Keytar named Destiny
Jordan Carter on the Drums
Reggie Mitchel on the bass
Group Photo to End the Night
Jazmin Yvonne sings from her soul
Jazmin Yvonne blesses us with her vocals to end the night
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