Kyle Aaron plays on the melodica providing some sensual tunes for the Anniversary Reading
Mr. Hip opens up the show with plenty of goodies and books of poems to give away
Christian Rees Skypes with us to share his poems for the anniversary reading
Tom Daley shares his poem (rather soul) with the crowd
Megan Fernandes reads from her latest collection, The Kingdom After
Afaa M. Weaver blesses the audience with his poems to celebrate poetry!
Bridget Eileen holds the hearts of all with her poems
Tom Daley, the talented artists paints pictures with his words
Jessie Brown's poems were amazing!
Suzanne Mercury leaves us in awe with her words
Joanna & Donald live-tweeting and being cool
Jessie Brown smiles in all her glory as she reads poems
Bridget Eileen talks the South Shore and the poetry community
Mr. Hip giving away Sarah Blake's Mr. West poetry book
Thanks to all the readers for helping us celebrate 2 years!
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